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Basically a clinic on wheels, that goes to various slums to serve people from poor economic conditions. The medical team treats the patients inside the van which provides a closed space for examinations. The goal of the project is holistic development of every woman and girl child. In the coming days, we want to raise volunteers who will partner with our vision and conduct adult literacy classes, spoken English course, etc.

Covid 19 - Collaborative Emergency Response Programme -  


CERP Goal: Emergency Relief for Covid patients in India

Goal Impact - 1440 Covid patients over a period of 3 months

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At Waterline, we dare the men to drop their waterlines and reveal their jagged edges, reveal the side that only a few see,

reveal them in a safe environment so that together we can work with those issues to bring about a better man,

bring about a Christ-centered man.

Come invest in your personal growth

as God's man. 

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