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Covid 19 - Collaborative Emergency Response Programme -  


CERP Goal: Emergency Relief for Covid patients in India

Goal Impact - 1440 Covid patients over a period of 3 months


More about the Project-

Dear friends, Covid 19 second wave has come as never expected in our lifetime. It has truly shaken the ground beneath our feet and suddenly we see an apocalypse like situation around us. Every day we are hearing of close and near ones falling and losing their lives in their battle against Covid. It is beyond worrisome – it alarming and painful.


India is witnessing an enormous spike in the second wave of the pandemic after the rise of cases dropped last year dropped. India’s Covid-19 death toll surpassed 200,000 as the World Health Organisation said variants are behind the spike. The healthcare system is in a dire state with a lack of beds, hospitals turning away patients, shortages, and the black-market selling medicines and oxygen.

As we look at the needs and try to understand how best to help people, we come to understand the following needs.


1. Emergency needs of necessities, medicines, and other daily needs

2. Psychological needs to be strong and positive as one goes through a truly emotional and psychologically painful experience doubting the future of existence

3. Practical needs of other emergency support if the need arises – oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, hospital beds,

and even fatality


Ways to serve :                            


  • Be an on call doctor or medical consultant to an identified family.

  • Cook or deliver food to COVID homes.

  • Transport Oxygen cylinders (refilled) and medical supplies to COVID homes

  • Support financially.


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