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Project 40 Update


We are amazed at how our God provides and how quickly the requirements for the pastors and their families were met.

What started as a decision to provide food supplies for 40 pastors plus their families for 3 months in Chhattisgarh, quickly became a project to support 47 families in various districts in Chhattisgarh, as well as in Kashipur, Haldwani, Almora - Uttrakhand.


The pastors in Uttrakhand received the amounts directly and will be using them for groceries for their families, in Chhattisgarh - Pastor Salim and team bought all the supplies for the 40 families, split it and have begun giving it to each family. 

Thank you once again for your partnership to provide for those in need, over the next few weeks we will be sharing stories from the families as well.

Project Support 100 Pastors


Thank you so much for giving towards this project. 


The relief phase has been completed in January 2021, because of your giving the Pastors didn't have to worry about constant food supply for themselves and their families while they served others in need and in ministry. 


As we go forward, we are working towards equipping Pastor Salim and Shalom Ministries with trainings, networking with other PEACE churches, business plans/solutions, through the ideas and momentum that they have gained over

these last 5 months, our goal still remains getting these Pastors to a financially independent position.


This phase requires a more hands on approach where we can offer our time/investment to teach these Pastors any skill that maybe useful to them sustaining their small local businesses, if you feel you would like to play a role in this please let us know. 


Once again, thank you for giving to those in need. 

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Project Lift up a Family 


Most of us have some challenges because of the ongoing Lockdown but we do not stress about our next meal and how we are going to feed our children.  


We have identified 66 families who have lost their livelihood at this time and are struggling to stay afloat. We want to help them survive this unforeseen hardship and we have estimated that it will cost Rs.1100 per family to give them some basic provisions to last till 3rd May.


Each of us can adopt at least one family to be able to easily support these 66 families. 

Since this is a here and now situation, let's aim to raise this in the next few hours?  

Update: Project COMPLETED

100 families provided with dry rations. 

Our special appreciation goes out to the team at Project Ankur and Project Rescue
for the amazing on-the-ground work to cater to families from a wholistic view.
We look to stand by you in many ways to come.


Pst. Jeremy interviewed some doctors and staff involved in COVID-19 Relief on the front lines.

Dr. Azha M. Solo 

Lady Hardinge hospital 


Dr. Abhijeet Sangma 

CMAI - Christian Medical Association of India 


Sis. Poonam Browne 

Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital

COVID RELIEF INTERVIEWS: Covenant Life's Missions Team


Pst. Jeremy interviewed Covenant Life's Missions Team. Here is how the church responded to COVID-19.

Evelyn Dcruz and Amendra Singh

In this video, Pastor Rick Warren shares encouragement and resources to help the church represent Jesus to those feeling the weight of fear and insecurity in the midst of coronavirus. Church leaders play an important role in leading their churches in this season, and we want to be a resource for you and your church.


They have partnered with Ed Stetzer and friends at the Billy Graham Center and the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College to create an online collection of resources called Coronavirus and the Church. This website has resources you can use to make strategic decisions, care for your members, love your community, and make a difference when it matters most. 


Visit the website here:

As the nation of India goes into lockdown, with no definite end in sight: our hearts are burdened for several groups of people across different states, who have no access to basic essentials of food and sanitation.

We are building an available fund pool that can be used for supplies, food, medicines or any other essential items. 


This fund would be available to:

- Our partner networks already on the ground serving the communities.

- Communities that aren't receiving proper supplies due to certain restrictions and no media coverage.

- Churches looking to serve the affected communities around them.


How can you help? 

1 . Give any amount that you can and mention "CRF" as the remark. 

2. Pray for this project, that God will lead us to serve the people in absolute need.

3. Inform us of people groups or places where there is a shortage of essential supplies. 


At the end of this project, our care and love for these communities won't end - we are constantly looking and working with people who give a "Hand up" to people as opposed to always a hand out.

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